Introduction to Our Portfolio: Explore Our Creative Universe

Welcome to our world of creativity and innovation! Over the years, we have worked on a variety of exciting projects that have shaped our portfolio and our work. In this post, we will share some of our most memorable projects and give you insight into our approach and passion for creating meaningful experiences. Join us as we take you on an inspiring journey through our portfolio and our work. Welcome to our creative universe!


RÅH Skin Care Clinic, a well-established name in the beauty industry, was one of our previous projects. As a dedicated collaborator, we contributed to strengthening RÅH Skin Care Clinic's digital presence and engagement. Through our expertise in social media marketing, upgrading images and content, and developing strategies, we were able to enhance their visibility and reach their target audience in a more effective manner. Although our collaboration with RÅH Skin Care Clinic has now ended, we look back on this project with pride and gratitude for the trust they placed in us. Explore our portfolio and contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your marketing goals! 




PolliWall specializes in vertical kitchen gardens, providing individuals with the opportunity to grow and create their own meals at home. StefineMarketing played a pivotal role in PolliWall's journey, offering a comprehensive suite of services ranging from website enhancements to marketing strategy development and social media management. Through our collaborative efforts, we amplified PolliWall's online presence and effectively communicated the unique benefits of their innovative products. From starting with zero sales, StefineMarketing helped PolliWall achieve significant growth and establish a strong brand presence, marking a successful milestone in the startup's journey. Visit PolliWall's website to explore their offerings!




LUND Group, a leading player in the events industry and host of some of Norway's most popular festivals. StefineMarketing had the pleasure of collaborating with LUND Group, where we provided tailored consultancy services and full-service support. Our focus was particularly on developing a TikTok strategy that captured the essence of each festival and creating engaging content that appealed to the audience. Through our collaboration, we achieved good results with over 100,000 views on multiple posts, contributing to strengthening LUND Group's digital presence and increasing interest and enthusiasm around their events. 


Patch House

Patch House is an exciting start-up offering additional gear for high school graduates ("russ") to make their celebration even more memorable. We had the pleasure of being their marketing partner for 3 years, handling everything from strategy and planning to content creation and active posting on social media. Our collaboration has resulted in monthly strong sales for Patch House, and we're proud to have contributed to their success.


Effie TheFine

Meet Effie, an EDM producer, artist, and DJ who performs internationally. We provides consultancy for PR, marketing, and branding, and we have a comprehensive full-service agreement to manage all aspects of her social media presence and activity. Our collaboration has yielded significant success, with Effie's brand boasting thousands of followers across platforms and hashtags reaching millions. Her brand continues to grow monthly, and Effie has her sights set on even greater achievements. With StefineMarketing's support, Effie is reaching new heights in her career, and the future looks bright for this rising star.





BISO is an innovative platform that unites sustainable trade with social awareness. We had the pleasure of collaborating with BISO, a student organization at BI, for over a year, where we strategically managed their presence on social media. Through our collaboration, BISO has reached new heights and strengthened its position as a platform for positive change.